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Rent a kayak in the High Coast

Go kayaking at the High Coast, and experience the magnificent coastline from the Sea. Summer of 2024 we offer:
Kajak läger vid strand

Easy kayaking down the Ångermanälven River

For you who have at least some kayaking experience. Self guided paddling down the majestic, slow Ångermanälven River.

Sea Kayaking the High Coast

For the experienced Sea Kayaker. Self guided paddling along the whole, or part of, the dramatic High Coast.

Kvinna vandrar Höga kusten-led i solig skog

Kayaking and trekking

Experience the full beauty of the High Coast by combining paddling and trekking, e g along the High Coast Trail - we can suggest routes, and assist your switch gear of between the two at suitable places.

Guided kayaking tours

For you who prefer to experience the beauty of the High Coast with company and an experienced guide.

Experience the Masterpieces of Nature

For the experienced Sea Kayaker the High Coast offers a unique combination of nature experience and adventure. High Coast Kayak helps you to an experience far above the ordinary.

Man paddlar havskajak i regn

A Fabulous World Heritage

The High Coast is one of UNESCOs well known World Heritages. With its dramatic land scape and rich fauna and flora this is a destination not to be missed!  Read more about the World Heritage.  

Enjoy our Photo Gallery

See pictures from earlier tours. Get inspiration for your own tour, or look back for nostalgia and history.

Our Visitors' views

Hannah Diamond-Lowe
Hannah Diamond-Lowe
We had an incredible experience with High Coast Kayak! This is a family-owned and family-run business and we are so grateful to Lars and his family for helping to make our kayaking adventure one of the most enjoyable and memorable outdoor experiences we have had. For context, we have river kayaking and back-country backpacking/camping experience. However, this was our first multi-day sea kayaking trip, and we wanted to go for 3 days and 2 nights of kayaking/camping, plus some backpacking at the end. Unlike many modern-day rental experiences where you fill in some online forms, sign a waiver, and get sent out with heavily worn gear, Lars personally emailed back and forth with us to gauge our kayaking abilities, made suggestions to our route, and double checked what kind of gear we would need to borrow. Lars was able to provide us with a bespoke experience based on what we wanted to do and what he thought was best given our experience and typical weather patterns. This made us feel extremely safe and confident when going out for a self-guided multi-day trip on the sea. The kayaks, paddles, life vests, and emergency GPS system all felt top-notch in terms of quality and wear. We really felt that Lars wanted us to love kayaking and camping on the High Coast as much as he does. Even with lots of preparation, no one can control the weather! Lars made sure to stress that we would need to be flexible in case the conditions were not good for our original plan, and indeed when we met up with Lars to start our trip, it was foggy and raining at our planned starting point, and the wind was blowing in the opposite direction than expected. We sat with Lars in his car and together decided to do the route in reverse, which meant re-working some of the logistics about where to meet at the end and where to stash our extra hiking gear and food. This ended up being a fantastic call as we ended up getting to paddle with the wind at our backs for a majority of the trip. The weather did end up clearing and we had only a small amount of rain the rest of the time, but the unpredictability of the weather is part of the adventure! We highly recommend kayaking on Sweden's High Coast, and renting gear from High Coast Kayak. They also have a river kayaking route, which looks beautiful too. A big big thank you to Lars and his family for the high-quality rental gear and for helping to plan our sea route!
Fabian Hertrich
Fabian Hertrich
Had a great experience kajaking down the river starting from Solleftea! Lars and his family were absolutely amazing and helped us in every possible way to fulfill our wishes!
Sergio Maestro Ariño
Sergio Maestro Ariño
Fue una experiencia increíble

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Winter came early this year

Now we go ice-skating on our waters instead. So now is the time to make plans for summer of 2024 – you are welcome with your bookings/requests, looking forward to

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Custom built Guided Tours

High Coast Kayak offer guided tours custom built to suit each customer's level of experience and interests.

High Quality Gear

We supply top-of-the-line kayaks and paddling gear for all our customers.

Nature Protection Focus

We at High Coast Kayak are proud to be a responsible tourism operator.

Experienced Guides

Our guides are not only experienced kayakers, they also have a deep knowledge about the High Coast area.

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