About us

High Coast Kayak is a family business established in 2006, and since then has developed in size and form over the years

Our kayaks

To fully enjoy your kayaking experience good equipment is a must. It starts with a good kayak. We buy most of our kayaks from Kajaktiv. Most of our kayaks is of the brand Prijon, German quality, with adjustable seats, thigh support and foot pedals for best manoeuvrability and comfort. We have the Prijon models Marlin, Seatron, Grizzly och Enduro. All these are equipped with rudder.

For you who prefer a skeg kayak we also have sea kayaks of the brands P&H (Cetus och Scorpio),och Valley (Aquanaut Club).

If you have special preferences about kayak choice (model, skeg/rudder, fiber glass/polyethylene, expedition/daytour, size) then mail us – we accomodate your wishes as good as we can, in order of request.

If you don’t know exactly what kayak model would suit you, then please give height, weight, level of experience and what kind of tour you aim for,  then we can discuss with you which would be the best.

In our kayak rentals is always included for each paddler a life jacket, a paddle and a spraydeck, all of high quality brands and suited to kayak and paddler.


For other equipment, to the kayak or other out-door gear, please see our price list. If there is anything you miss there, you are welcome to mail us!

Kvinna i vattnet mellan två kajaker

Life vest

An appropriate life vest/buoyancy aid is crucial for your safety. Our life vests are designated for kayaking and are after individual fitting suited for the conditions you will encounter.

Dress for paddling

A wet suit or a full dry suit is at times needed depending on water temperature, as well as paddle gloves, neoprene shoes for warmth and comfort. For tours in June-July-August it is often sufficient with a waterproof jacket, wool underwear and neoprene shoes, if you keep close to land. For longer open passages, a pair of neoprene shorts is a good complement. If water temperature is low, in June or after a gale, even a full wet or dry suit can be advisable.

Tre personer paddlar havskajak på havet en solig dag på Höga Kusten.

Safety equipment

Things not to forget are, per person, a whistle, a water proof packed phone and a compass. Per group you should have at least a bilge pump, a spare paddle, more than one map, and a first aid kit.

En kvinna sitter i en havskajak vid strandkanten och navigerar med hjälp av en karta.

Navigation equipment

If you plan for longer tours, of course a GPS can be convenient. For the one who has practised, map and compass works, and should always be there as a back up for e-failures.


If you are going to use tent - there are often fine rock plateaus to be found. Pins and spikes may be hard to anchor, so a self-supporting dome tent is then an advantage. We have a few for rent.

En kapsejsad kajak

Water proof packing

Remember that the lids of the kayaks compartments are there for two reasons: first to keep the kayak afloat if you capsize, and second to keep your gear dry. But there is no guarantee that they are 100% water proof. So it is wise to pack stuff you definitely do not like to get wet, like sleeping bag, extra set of dry clothes and electronics in water proof bags.

Två flickor i kajak i fontän

Spray deck/spray skirt

A spray deck is good to keep water of all sorts out of your lap - drip from paddle, rain, waves or splashes - or the odd fountain passage on a hot day. And necessary if you want to do a roll.


The paddle is a friend that you carry for long distances in a day - it is important that it is light, and right size. We help you get the right one for you.

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