For you who prefer to experience the wilderness at the High Coast in a group and with a guide


Paddle the High Coast with a guide

Are you dreaming of paddling to some of the pearls of the High Coast, but feel a bit unsure of your kayaking skills?

In the Summer of 2024 we will offer guided day-tours, and some over-night tour, to some of the absolute highlights for kayaking.

Some examples:

  • The High Coast bridge – paddle under the bridge, and see the enormous pylons (the “legs”) close-up
  • “Under the Bridges” – paddling under the High Coast bridge, but also the beautiful elder valve bridge Sandö bridge, and the adjacent Svanö bridge
  • The Norafjärden Bay – a delightfully beautiful bay that is also protected from most waves and winds
  • Storön (Great Island)- the forgotten gem of the High Coast (used to be closed off as a military protection area)
  • Högbonden – the dramatic lighthouse island
  • Norrfjärden Bay – below and with a good view of Skuleberget Mountain
  • Balesudden Point, with a walk up to the crystal clear Balestjärnen tarn
  • Trysunda – “the most beautiful island in Sweden”

The first few are day tours going from our pier at Ramöviken; Trysunda will be with transport by car and trailer, and overnight camping on the island, and the remaining with car to an optimal starting point, day tours.

Further info on details, such as dates and prices, will be out during spring – keep an eye out on this web page!

Your guide will share fascinating facts about the High Coast, its unique history and geology and its significance as a World Heritage. You will also have a chance to learn of the rich marine life in and by these waters, and gain some understanding for the fragility and beauty of the ecosystem.

Fem personer i varsin kajak på havet

We provide:

  • kayak with life jacket, paddle and spray deck
  • where needed, land transport for kayaks, gear and paddlers
  • guiding and security
  • if needed, parking space for your car at our premises

You bring:

  • your own food, drink, snacks
  • suitable clothing
  • some kayaking experience (more precise definition will follow for each tour)
  • ability to swim 400 m

Keep an eye on this web page

  • more details, dates etc during spring 2024

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