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High Coast Kayak is a family business, established as a company in 2006. Since then, we have developed in size and format. At our new site, you are already half way out into the wilderness.

About High Coast Kayak

Explore the fantastic High Coast region by kayak with us at High Coast Kayak!

We are not just a company, we are a small family-run, nature-loving little business, passionate about sharing this fantastic place and its gorgeous nature with you. We have paddled here on and off from 1988, and before that in southern Sweden. Finally moved up here, to Harnosand, in 2000, from 2006 registered a company. After many years of searching for the right place we now in 2023 – 2024 move our base up to where the River (Ångermanälven) has its outlet into the High Coast. Half way out into the wilderness already!

Whether you are a Beginner in kayaking, or a Veteran Sea Kayaker, we have the right kayak for you. We know the importance of feeling secure and convenient when sitting down on the water, or going out into the waves. We have guided hundreds of beginners through their first Kayak Adventure, and we are here to make yours a great one, too!

We are happy to tell you something about the High Coast, and you can learn a lot about the interesting history of the region while you paddle, its remarkable geology, and about all the wonderful creatures that live in and by the water.

So whether you are looking for adventure, experience nature or maybe to spend time with family; it is time to book your kayak with us at High Coast Kayak. Come and enjoy this fantastic part of the world, where nature is so easily accessible. We look forward to help you build your adventure!

Ung kvinna i kajak på strand
That way!
Ung man på sten vid spegelblankt hav
Good Morning!

Our High Coast

High Coast Kayak® is basically a family business that from 2006 has developed in both size and format. Our vision is to facilitate for our customers to experience our beautiful nature, in the High Coast area, in a way that is beneficial for people and gentle for nature. We have long been based in Harnosand, where we have worked (still do) tightly together with the kayaking section of “Friluftsframjandet”, and shared the Kayak House at Mellanholmen as base. Now we take one more step closer to wilderness, by moving up to the intersection of the River and the High Coast.