Paddle ångermanälven

For you with at least some kayaking experience. Self guided easy kayaking down the calm, majestic Ångermanälven River. From Sollefteå to the High Coast bridge .

Down the Ångermanälven River

To paddle down the mighty river Ångermanälven, ”The River Route” is an alternative for you who prefer föredrar less open waters, but still want the feeling and experience of the High Coast, with blue-green mountains surrounding you. This route is also more child friendly,  your child can paddle an own K1 or with you in a double kayak (K2). It’s a perfect tour for you who want to enjoy beautiful semi-wild nature and get a gorgeous summer adventure to remember.

We drive you up to Sollefteå, below the last hydroelectric dam in the city centre, and to begin with the River is comparably narrow and winding, but still quite calm – perfect for getting to know your kayaks. After about 35 km, at Sandslån, the River opens up more and more, so the later part is gradually turning into a wide fiord or sea bay, continuing under the High Coast bridge, after about 60 km. Usual speed is two nights on the way, third day reaching the High Coast bridge, or if you prefer going directly to our base.

You can either go for “wild camping”, often you can find your own unihabitet island;  or you can prebook a hostel or  B&B along the River. We can give you some tips!

We provide:

  • kayak with paddle, life jacket and spray deck
  • transport up for kayakers, kayaks and gear to starting place
  • if needed, pick-up at an agreed site (most people paddle to our base)
  • some ”stand by back up” if you run into some problems, or lousy weather – then we can pick you up earlier
  • if wished for, camping site at our base before/after your tour
  • if needed, parking for your car at our site during your tour

You bring:

  • out-door gear like tent, sleeping bags etc, (some can be rented from us)
  • food and camping stove
  • water canisters
  • a functioning mobile phone (water proof packed)


  • We only take pre-booked guests/customers, no drop-in
  • Shortest rental time is one day

Landing place for camping overnight and breaks for meals is usually easy to find for smaller groups – if you are more than two-three tents it may be a bit challenging, you may have to start looking a couple of hours before you really must stop. On the other hand, sun is up almost all night in summer.. Leeward and windward doesn’t mean as much as out on the more open High Coast, but still may be of significance, especially when you get into the wider part towards the end.

An example of how one group did their tour, with their SPOT marks at lunch and dinner/camp nights (SPOT tracker provided by us):

Always remeber to avoid disturbing bird life, and please observe that the immensely valuable gift Allemansrätten, “The Right of Public Access”, also goes with responsibilities. “Do not disturb, do not destroy”. Preferably, no one should be able to see where you have camped or taken your breaks. All trash and leftovers must be brought with you – your luggage is still reduced by what you eat and drink.

More general info on the local environment, and more tips, can be found for example here:

  • ”Höga Kusten – vandring, paddling och sevärdheter” (only in Swedish). Excellent book by Steven Ekholm, third edition 2022

Follow the experience of two of our customers down The River Route

We remain quite grateful to our two Belgian guests for making this video and sharing it with us!

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