Combine kayaking and sailing in our Hobie kayaks. For you who want to experience the High Coast with a bit more speed.



Sail the High Coast

We have also a couple of Hobie Kayaks, great fun! One H1 and one H2 (for one or two persons, respectively. You can also sail the H2 yourself, with more place for luggage etc.) Hobie Kayaks are a kind of multifunction vehicles, that can be propelled by paddling, tramping or sailing. In practice its most fun to sail, and then you use the pedals when you turn for tacking/coming about against the wind, and if you find yourself in a calm sound. The paddle is mostly used to land, after sail is in and rudder and center board are up.

When waves build up the pontoons may dig themselves in a bit, but with flat water and some wind they make good speed, especially when running with the wind, or on broad reach.

What we presently offer is pre-booked rental from our pier in Ramöviken for daytours, including a short instruction. You must have some sailing experience from before, even if only Optimist or similar – the Hobie is relatively easy to understand, but you need some feeling for how winds and sails cooperate. Please note that you usually get wet – either you sail a warm and sunny day in bathing suit, or you may want to wear a weat suit to keep warm.

Sounds like fun? Check price and terms under ”Book”! Mail us for further discussion and info!

Hobie-kajaker seglar på havet
Hobie kajaker på stenstrand
Hobie kajak i vågor
Hobie kajak seglande

We provide:

  • Fully equipped Hobie Kayak with sail, rig, tramping fins and paddles
  • Life jacket (mandatory)
  • Short instruction
  • Start from our pier
  • Some “stand by back up” if you run into problems, we may try to rescue you via kayak, or give advice over phone or radio
  • If needed, you can camp on our premises night before or after (small fee)
  • If needed, you can park your car with us (small fee)

You bring:

  • Some basic sailing knowledge
  • You sail by yourself
  • Suitable clothing for weather
  • Your own food, drink

Please observe:

  • Only pre-booked rentals
  • A Hobie Kayak is relatively expensive, and the fins and centerboard a bit vulnerable, so we monitor your first attempts
  • If you during/after your first trip seem apt to handle it, you may well rent for a longer tour, even multi-day

Always remember not to unnecessarily disturb the bird life, and that the great gift Allemansrätten, “Right of Public Access” also implies some obligations: no one should be able to see where you have landed; “Do not destroy – do not disturb!”

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