ABout us

High Coast Kayak is a family business established in 2006, and since then has developed in size and form over the years

Rental terms

We at High Coast Kayak/High Coast Experience have been paddling ourselves and provided service to other kayakers in the High Coast for twenty years without any serious accidents.  We want to continue like that. We do what we can to keep your trip safe and enjoyable.

In the end the final important decisions are with you, the kayaker/the group. When and where to paddle, and when NOT to paddle; maybe even take a break for a day and wait for calmer conditions. You can always contact us for a discussion, maybe change plans, with different landing/pick up place.

We have a few rules for people kayaking with our gear:

The renting party/customer:

  • Must know how to swim (400 meters)
  • Agrees to always have life jacket on while paddling
  • Is aware that the responsibility for the tour is on the kayaker him/herself – paddling is at your own risk
  • Willl carry at least one functioning mobile phone, packed water proof, to if needed call us, or in emergencies Sea Rescue (via nr 112)
  • Wipes off the kayaks inside and outside before returning
  • Assists at loading/unloading of kayaks
  • Follows the basic rules at sea, and Allemansrätten/Right of Public Access

We, High Coast Kayak:

  • Ensure the equipment is in good condition for your rental
  • Are available for discussion and advice per phone , SMS or mail during the time when kayak customers are out; mostly but not always with direct response, but always response the same day

For clarity we prefer that you, ahead of your kayak tour, sign the above terms (can be done on site).


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