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Our kayak tours gives you a chance to come closer to nature and to enjoy this scenic, semi-wild part of Sweden. Book your kayak today, and let the adventure begin!

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to your level of experience

The High Coast is marvellous kayaking, but at times a bit tough. As opposed to e g Stockholm archipelago, where you may paddle for miles still protected by layers of islands and skerries, here there is often only one island, and sometimes none, to protect against the waves of the open Sea. That makes the High Coast exposed for weather, which requires knowledge and kayaking experience. Mostly it is sunny and calm, but you need to be prepared. The River Ångermanälven, that in its lower part transforms to a fiord of the High Coast, is much more protected, and thus easier to kayak, even for next-to-beginners. You can also choose a more protected and short kayak stretch and combine if you Paddle and hike. If you want to enjoy the security of being with a guide and a group, some of our Guided tours are for beginners.

Paddle the High Coast

For the experienced Sea Kayaker.
Self guided paddling North along the dramatic coastline of the High Coast. We pick you up when you are done.

En man paddlar havskajak i skärgården längs höga kusten en solig dag.

Paddle the River Ångermanälven

For you who who are longing for wilderness and nature, rather than sometimes tough sea kayaking. Still, you should have some kayak experience. Self guided kayaking down the calm, majestic River Ångermanälven.

Paddle and hike

You need to have some previous kayaking experience, but you can choose a more protected and shorter kayaking part to combine with your hiking. For you who want to experience the High Coast area from both land and water.

Ett grönt tält i en skogsglänta.

Guided tours

For you with or without kayaking experience who prefer to enjoy the beauty of the High Coast with a guide and in a group. We also offer guided trips for beginners.

Fem personer i varsin kajak på havet

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