Paddle the High coast

For the experienced Sea Kayaker. Self guided kayaking along the dramatic coast line of the High Coast.

The High Coast Route

The character of the High Coast, with a few passages quite exposed for weather, wind and waves, makes it unwise to have an absolutely “locked” plan/initerary over many days – one needs to be able to adapt to changing weather and water temperature.  To plan is fine, but some flexibility is also called for. Eight days out of ten it may be “like a walk in the park”, but then there may be two very different days when it is even advisable not to paddle at all. The challenge is to know when this is. Luckily, there are numerous deep bays/fiords where much of the beauty is, so best is to plan for a winding course.

Our experience is that those who have enough experience of sea kayaking to undertake a week-long, or multiday selfguided tour at the High Coast, they usually also have their own kayak and outdoor gear. So for many Swedes we do not have much to offer, they often want to bring their own kayak. We still serve with logistics, since the High Coast is usually done from South to North, less room for turning back down, and also the wind is most often from the South in summer. .BUT foreigners who happen to be in Sweden, or who see that the High Coast is a gem that absolutely should be kayaked, but find it cumbersome to bring your own kayak – you are our favorite group of customers!  For you with less sea kayaking experience we instead recommend Ångermanälven, “The River Route”, or maybe a shorter tour of 1 – 2 days on more protected parts of the High Coast, possibly combined with hiking.

We provide:

  • If you arrive with train to Harnosand or Kramfors station, we pick you up from there for free (for customers renting for more than one day)
  • If you need, you can park your car at our place, and leave stuff with us (eg trekking gear when kayaking and vice versa)
  • If needed, tenting in our place (night before and/or after kayaking trip)
  • Kayak. Life jacket, paddle and spray deck included in rental price.
  • Safety gear: one compass and one spare paddle per group
  • Discussion, tips and advice on potentially challenging passages, places for breaks and possible sites for “wild camping”; preliminary pick up point
  • Fresh water
  • Excellent starting place at our kayaking pier
  • For our booked customers, we are available for discussion over phone/mail, also while you are out
  • If you for some reason need to change pick up date and place, we are flexible

You provide:

  • Your own food
  • Tent, sleeping bag etc (can be rented)
  • Water bags/bottles (can be arranged)
  • At least one mobile phone, waterproof packed, for contacts about pick up decisions (phone, sms, mail)
  • The responsibility for your tour

What we do not offer:

  • No rental for less than one full day (some other actors have this service)
  • No “Drop-In” service – all our customers are pre-booked by preferably mail, +/- phone.

Good to know before
your Kayak Adventure

Below we write about the High Coast, its wonders, gems and its challenges.

The High Coast is gorgeous, but can be a bit tough. As opposed to e g the Stockholm archipelago, where you can paddle for a week tour still within miles of protecting islands and islets, here there is often only one, or even zero islands before you have the open sea – next land to the East is Finland.

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