Experience the full beauty of the High Coast by combining kayaking and hiking, on the High Coast Trail, or the World Heritage Trail – we have fine tour suggestions and help you out with logistics and transport.

Combine kayaking and hiking

Discover more of the beauty of the High Coast by combining kayaking and hiking. Enjoy the adorable scenery both the mountain tops and from the water surface – it is really a special feeling when you look out over bays and islets from above, that you can later go out and paddle between them!

A combined kayaking and hiking tour gives you the perfect opportunity to really dive down into the great nature of the High Coast area, and also gives you a more varied physical exercise. Whether you are an adventurer, nature lover or just want to relax in a peaceful natural environment, this experience may easily exceed your expectations. Plan your route now, book kayaks and transport with us, and prepare for memorable days of adventure and beauty in the High Coast!

On planning your route: if you have no or little experience from kayaking, it is wise to do your kayaking on the River Ångermanälven, a trip of 3 – 4 days (or shorter if you want) , and then you hike on foot North from the High Coast bridge, on the High Coast Trail, så långt ni vill. We assist you with the “switch” between kayak and hiking boots and backpack at suitable points, and we can if so wished for pick up or drop you at places of your choice. Or you may choose the maybe more exclusive World Heritage Trail on the fantastic large peninsula of Nordingrå – we can drive you there, or pick you up there.

If you are experienced in sea kayaking, you can choose whatever part of the coast you want, and then connect a trail from a place where trail meets sea, with access to road. Mail us with your plan, or ask us if you want to find a suitable level for your skills!

Even if you do not have any greater sea kayaking experience, there are shorter bits of the coast, like 1 – 2 days paddling, that may well be combined with hiking. Mail us for suggestions!

We provide:

  • kayak with life jacket, paddle and spray deck
  • fresh water at start/switch
  • transport for kayaker, kayaks and gear to starting place
  • if needed, pick up at agreed site and time (many paddle to our place)
  • some “back up function”, if you runt into some problem, or unsuitable weather, then we can pick you up earlier
  • if needed, you can camp with your tent at our place night before and/or after your trip
  • if needed, you can leave your car with us while out

You bring:

  • the planning for your trip (we can give advice)
  • out-door gear like tent, sleeping bags etc, (some can be rented from us)
  • food and camping stove
  • water canisters
  • a functioning mobile phone (water proof packed)


  • We only take pre-booked guests, no drop-in
  • Minimum rental period is one full day

Landing place for camping overnight and breaks for meals is usually easy to find for smaller groups – if you are more than two-three tents it may be a bit challenging, you may have to start looking a couple of hours before you really must stop. On the other hand, sun is up almost all night in summer.. Leeward and windward doesn’t mean as much as out on the more open High Coast, but still may be of significance, especially when you get into the wider part towards the end.

Always remeber not to unnecessarily disturb bird life, and please observe that the immensely valuable gift Allemansrätten, “The Right of Public Access”, also goes with responsibilities. “Do not disturb, do not destroy”. Preferably, no one should be able to see where you have camped or taken your breaks. All trash and leftovers must be brought with you – your luggage is still reduced by what you eat and drink.

More general info on the local environment, and more tips, can be found for example here:

  • ”Höga Kusten – vandring, paddling och sevärdheter” (only in Swedish). Excellent book by Steven Ekholm, third edition 2022


Book your next kayak adventure with us

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