Book with us for an unforgettable trip in the High Coast
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Booking and prices

Before and under summer 2024 all bookings are done after a first contact over e-mail.

• Name
• What part you want to paddle/hike
• How many you are
• Which dates you intend to come
• How do you travel to us? (extra service for train travellers)
• If you want to book kayaks, how many
• Height and weight of kayakers
• Your experience level of kayaking
• Do you want to book other gear, which?

The High Coast is gorgeous, but can be a bit tough sometimes. As compared to e g the Stockholm archipelago, where one can paddle a week tour always protected by miles of islands and skerriesI motsats till t ex Stockholms skärgård, here there is often only one island, and sometimes none, to protect against the open Sea – next land is Finland. Read more about the High Coast here

In most cases, individuals/small groupsI it is sufficient if we agree on your booking over e-mail, and you pay as agreeed on arrival to us. In case you have special wishes about a certain kayak model or other specific equipment, we may prefer that you pay in advance (as per invoice mailed from us), so that we can hold exactly that kayak for you on your specified dates.

Cancellation rules are generous: If you paid in advance but change plans, if you tell us up until two weeks before your booked date we pay you back 90% of your paid sum, after that 80%.  If you prefer you may instead have the option of re-booking for other dates.

If we agree that the weather prognosis makes kayaking unwise (mostly strong winds) when 2 days or less remain, we return the whole paid sum. We do not want you to be out in too tough weather, or have a bad experience.

Price list 2024